Is It Time to Consult With A Child Abuse Attorney in Colorado?

child_abuse_attorney_coloradoWhen you suspect that your children have been victims of abuse, then you will do anything to see that justice is done.  Not that any crime should go unpunished, but child abuse is one of those crimes that gets everyone angry, even the criminal court judge.  The best child abuse attorneys in Colorado are very familiar with the most common causes of abuse and they know how to uncover the facts.  One recent development that has helped prosecute these cases is the undercover camera.  Child care workers and nannies aren’t always aware of surveillance cameras, and this alone has brought many abusers to justice.

Of course, not every accusation of child abuse is legitimate.  This allegation is still quite common during bitter custody battles and among feuding stepparents, and it is usually disproven.  One child abuse attorney in Colorado deals with this type of case quite a bit, and he is grateful that the courts require physical proof when pressing charges.

A recent article posted by an attorney at Clawson & Clawson in Colorado Springs helps people explore their legal options before setting up an appointment with a lawyer.  In “Ask a Child Abuse Attorney in Colorado about Your Legal Options,” the author expounds upon the most important steps to take when abuse is suspected.  The first thing any law enforcement officer will do is help you get an order of protection against the suspected abuser.  In the case of child abuse, the protection order can be granted between family members who are related by marriage or blood, but it also allows a parent or guardian to get one on behalf of a child.

Once a protection order is issued, the suspected abuser refrains from abuse or threats of abuse.  This may require them to live elsewhere and to go without seeing the children until the matter is resolved.  Any violation of such an order can result in mandatory jail time and/or fines and it would be considered a criminal offense.  Because an order like this against a parent will grant temporary custody to the other parent, it may mean that the abusive parent is required to stay away from his or her own home.

If you plan to press charges against a child abuser, it is not necessary to hire a lawyer, but it is usually recommended.  A child abuse attorney in Colorado can help you before, during and after the hearing, and can give you the legal resources to prevent any future instances of abuse from happening.


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