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best rated bottled waterPeople who are conscious about their options in water for drinking, as well as cooking, reliably turn to bottled drinking water that has been filtered or distilled. Making this choice is an assurance that the water they are consuming is clean, safe and great tasting. The multiple processes that this best rated bottled water goes through before being delivered to their homes or offices that removes a wide variety of impurities. This extra filtration removes organic as well as chemical compounds and contaminates that are left behind in tap water. What you then have after this extra filtration is the best tasting, best rated bottled water available anywhere.

best rated bottled waterEveryone is drinking bottled water. Your friends, your neighbors, family members, co-workers, you probably are yourself. Truth be told I am drinking bottled water as I write this. What was once a splurge for many people is now how we as a country get our drinking water. It is no wonder this change has happened when you read the reports on safety concerns of local tap water. Toxins, chemicals and unwanted contaminants pass our municipal filters everyday, filling our glasses with health concerns or very simply a bad taste in our mouths. So we pick up filtered and bottled water we can trust. Once you’ve made the switch to bottled drinking water, why not treat yourself to drinking the best rated bottled water possible?

christian_church_ministry_leadershipAs Christians, our relationship with Jesus changes dramatically from the time we first make the decision to follow Him.  Pastors and Christian church ministry leadership are there to help new believers form the important foundations that lead to a deeper relationship with Christ, and this will often include recommending certain books.  One book that has the capacity to change a believer’s perspective on their Christian life has already inspired hundreds of ministry leaders.  It’s called Radical Together, and it was written by the pastor of the Church of Brook Hills in Birmingham, AL.

Radical Together is one of those books that could change your life, as it challenges you to obey the commands of Jesus to his followers.  As a culture, we have grown far too concerned about ourselves and our comfort.  Owning a new car and a nice house, taking exciting vacations, dressing well and sending our kids to the best colleges have all become far too important to the Church.  It’s not that we don’t give of our time, money and resources, but we are still incredibly distracted by the American Dream, and the sense of entitlement it brings.

dallas_technical_recruiter_4In today’s job market, no one should be ashamed if they need a little help getting in the door.  The average mid-career management job in the IT profession still gets hundreds of resumes, and no one has time to go through them all.  That’s why the big companies outsource their hiring needs to search firms and recruiters.  For some reason, even the most discouraged IT job seekers always think they conduct their own job search, without the help from a recruiter.  But according to experts in the field, even the most qualified candidates could benefit from working with a Dallas technical recruiter.

domestic_violence_lawyerIt is one of the ugliest crimes, and unfortunately it is one of the most underreported.  Worse yet, it happens between two people who supposedly care about each other; at least they were once intimate with one another.  Perhaps this is why it is almost unthinkable to go into a hearing without representation from a skilled domestic violence attorney; yet people still try to do it.

Keep in mind that once you dial 911 to report domestic violence in Colorado, a lot of things happen automatically.  For starters, the state will press charges even if you don’t.  A protection order will also be issued to prevent the perpetrator for attempting revenge, and there will definitely be a hearing, even if you choose not to attend.  Domestic violence is taken seriously because it tends to recur, and because it can lead to more serious crimes.

affordable water serviceWe have passed into the new year and collectively we are all resolving to make the world a better place for ourselves, our families and for those we surround ourselves with. Most of the new years resolutions floating around center around improving our health and our wellbeing. Cease negative or unhealthy habits, eat a more healthy diet, work out more, lose those extra pounds, take steps to care for our local environment. All wonderful and worthy goals. While many people are dusting off gym memberships and the like, an incredibly simple way to achieve these goals in a sustainable way is to begin using an affordable water service local to your Colorado home or office.

new_homes_for_sale_in_colorado_springsThousands of would-be real estate investors have been quietly sitting on the sidelines waiting for the market to change, but many don’t realize that recovery has already begun.  It all depends on where you are looking to buy.  Popular media outlets, such as CNN Money have long predicted that Colorado Springs would be among the first to recover in this post-recessionary market, and it looks like they were right on target.  According to recent reports, new homes for sale in Colorado Springs are already moving quickly.

Depending on who you ask, you may get a variety of opinions on whether now is the time to buy.  Rather than listening to one or two so-called “experts,” consider the three main principles of buying real estate – location, timing and demand.  The Colorado Springs real estate has long topped the list for location.  El Paso County sits in a gorgeous region and in the shadow of Pikes Peak, making it one of the most desirable locations in the United States.

fbo_airport_guide__directoryPilots who take passengers on chartered flights are rarely able to land in traditional big-city airports, so they quickly find out the importance of airport FBO info, but flight planning can be fairly tedious.  Until recently, general aviation pilots would rely on published guides to find out about airport hours, locations, runways and services prior to taking off. But the latest trend is much simpler to use.  The Airport Authority is a popular flight planning web site specifically designed to meet the needs of general aviation pilots.   By providing all of this information in one place, pilots are able to quickly map out a route and plan trips to specific regions, schedule fuel stops, or find an airfield with available hangar space.

christian_summer_camps_in_coloradoWhen most parents think of Christian summer camp, they either picture a youth retreat with their child’s church group or a nearby day camp. Surprisingly, with an area so rich in Evangelical Christian ministries, there are very few Christian summer camps in Colorado. That’s why when I learned about the Student Life summer camps in Fort Lewis and Durango, I was eager to find out more.

Unlike other Christian summer camps in Colorado, or any other state for that matter, the Student Life Ministries camps are not a permanent fixture, nor do they own a piece of land in the state.  Rather, they are week-long camps for teens to learn and grow in an age-appropriate environment.  Ministry leaders and well-known worship leaders are a huge draw for teens from around the state of Colorado and beyond, which means that your teenager will get to meet a diverse group of like-minded teens.

military_divorce_lawyersFor many years, Colorado Springs has been a major destination for military families.  Ever since Camp Carson was built, shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1942, the Pikes Peak region has attracted several military installations, many of which are considered the finest facilities in the nation.  But military families experience many of the same problems that face civilian families, including divorce and separation.  Fortunately, Colorado Springs is also home to many military divorce lawyers.

The stress of military service, long-term separation from family and war-related disabilities often results in higher divorce rates for military service members.  Whether stationed at Fort Carson, Peterson Air Force Base, the Air Force Academy or Schriever Air Force Base, military service members are not immune to the realities of divorce, child support, child custody and property division.  In fact, those who serve their country in the military may have more complications than the average couple.

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